Babar Azam as Brand Ambassador for its V25 Series in Pakistan

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We have this amazing article about Brand Ambassador for its V25 Series. Babar Azam, the pride and joy of Pakistan, has been appointed as the brand ambassador for the Vivo V25 Series. The new face of Vivo’s most recent V series will be the captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team. The Vivo V25 5G and Vivo V25e are two new smartphones in the new series. The Vivo V25 5G and V25 E from Vivo have just been released in Pakistan. Vivo is preparing to once again dominate the market with its recently released smartphones after the V23 series’ enormous success.

Brand Ambassador for its V25 Series

As a brand ambassador for the V25 5G and V25e, Vivo has maintained its relationship with the Pakistan Cricket Team captain and No. 1 batsman in the nation.

According to Babar Azam, who spoke about the new Vivo V25 series, “For the high-end V25 series, I am pleased to partner with Vivo, a firm that is focused on the consumer and is highly imaginative.” I have followed the company religiously ever since I can remember, and I have always been fascinated by their cutting-edge technology. Being a part of Vivo makes me ecstatic, and I’m proud to stand in for a business that the youth of our country admire and respect.

The ultimate smartphone that combines creativity, cutting-edge technology, and a highly appealing design is what Vivo aims to develop for young consumers. All of these factors are met by the V25-5G and V25-e, the products of numerous years of research and development. The V25 series’ lightweight yet attractive form enriches the customers’ lifestyle while encasing everything from color-changing technologies to camera capabilities. said Mr. Oliver, Vivo’s product director.

Vivo V25 Series Mobile Devices

Following the huge success of the V23 Series, Vivo is ready to rock the industry once more with its soon-to-be-released smartphones. Both smartphones in the V25 series have a color-changing glass exterior, a superior camera, and user-friendly picture technology. On the V25 5G and V25e, a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing rear camera captures images and videos in ultra-HD, even in low light. To provide a flawless experience, the V25 Series also comes with a 4500mAh battery and a 44W flash charger.

There are two brand-new, high-performance smartphones in the Vivo V25 Series. Vivo is prepared to introduce a new series following the success of the V23 series. This series will include a color-changing glass surface, superb camera capabilities, and improved user-friendly picture technology.


Pakistan’s top batter is now the Vivo V25 Series’ brand ambassador.

People anticipate the release of the V25 5G and the V25 E smartphones. Their innovative camera features and distinctive color-changing glass designs have received accolades. These devices’ 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Rear Cameras are excellent choices for photographers and videographers since they can capture images and films in ultra-HD even in low light. A 4500mAh battery and a 44W flash charger are also included in the V25 series, in addition to its remarkable photographic capabilities, to ensure a seamless user experience.

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