Free Modern Medical Treatment in Islamabad For Stray Dog

stray dog

The New Stray Dog Population Control Center in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, has successfully treated a stray dog ​​with enteritis, bloody lacrimation, and eye disease. He was admitted there several days ago after suffering from multiple health conditions. This particular case turned out to be a difficult and complex one, but the efforts of … Read more

FIFA World Cup 2022 Cost

fifa world cup cost

The World Cup of Qatar cost approximately US$220 billion (£184 billion). It’s about 60 times the $3.5B USD that South Africa spent on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Nicola Ritter, a German legal and financial analyst, told an investors’ summit held in Munich that £107 billion was spent on stadiums & facilities, plus a further … Read more

Pakistani Universities Ranking in the top 100 in the 2023 QS Asia.

Pakistani universities Ranking

Pakistani universities Ranking in the 2023 The planned development is the inclusion of 50 Pakistani universities Ranking in the 2023 QS Asia University Rankings. These rankings seek to identify Asia’s top institutions of higher learning. But only two have made it to Asia’s top 100 colleges. According to specifics, the National University of Sciences and … Read more

Punjab Govt Pakistan Started Registration Of Electric Vehicles


The electric vehicles trend is continuously reaching up in the world. It’s safe for the environment these vehicles will help to reduce the pollution & smoke. It will also help to reduce cases of many kinds of diseases. Finally, the electric vehicles trend is continuously rising in Pakistan, The Punjab government started the registration of … Read more