Get Ready for Phone Calls Loadshedding Soon

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Are you ready for phone calls loadshedding?

Phone Calls Loadshedding

Telecom operators have warned the public to get ready for regular disruption of ‘phone calls across the country just like electricity load-shedding after the federal government increased the taxes on the telecom industry.

Phone Calls Loadshedding due to High Tax Rate

The development comes on the heels of a recent meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance, during which representatives of telecom companies expressed strong reservations about the tax hike.

Representatives of telecom companies in the meeting said that the federal government has increased the advance tax on imported fiber optic cable by 15% while the duty has been increased by 20%.

Telecom Companies Claimes

He claimed that telecom companies were already facing many challenges and the increase in taxes on fiber optic cable would place an additional burden on the telecom industry.

Telecom representatives said that only 10% of the towers in the country use fiber optic cable, adding that if the government does not reduce the tax on fiber optic cable, Pakistan will lose the race for international connectivity.

Companies Requests

They requested the committee to recommend the government reduce the taxes on the import of fiber optic cable to 8%. The committee assured the telecom companies that they would submit their proposals to the government.

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